Ashfield Boys High School

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Senior Study Centre

The Senior Study Centre (SSC) is a place for Year 11 and 12 students to use their study periods effectively in an environment that supports their learning.

The Senior Study has a timetabled teacher who helps with:

●     Developing and maintaining good study habits

●     Helping to keep students focused to be productive

●     Keeping on top of assessments and exams

●     Informing students about external HSC student events

●     Providing resources including textbooks, laptops, printing and practice HSC exams

●     General wellbeing support, including stress management and scheduling



What is available for students to use in the SSC?

●     There are laptops available for students to borrow.

●     Textbooks are available for different subjects on the bookshelf, however these books may not be borrowed or leave the SSC.

●     There are HSC past papers & marking guidelines are available for every subject in the plastic drawers.

●     Students may use the printer and copier.

●     There is a variety of stationery available to students (pens, highlighters, post-it notes, plastic sleeves, glue, tape etc.)