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Forms and Handbook

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Absences: For all absences a written explanation from a parent/guardian is required. If a note is not received within one week of an absence it will remain on school records as an unexplained absence. 

Please note: Absences can also be logged through Sentral. Simply access your account on the Sentral website or the app and submit the necessary information under the Absence tab. 

Download Absence Form


Early Leavers: If a student wishes to leave school early, he must present a note to one of the Deputy Principal's to be signed off.

Early Leavers Note


Late arrivals: If a student arrives late to school due to foreseen circumstances, he must present a note declaring his whereabouts and be signed by parent/guardian. 

Late Arrival Note


Curriculum Handbook

Stage 5 Curriculum Handbook 

Stage 6 Curriculum Handbook