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Extra curricular

Extra Curricular Activities

At Ashfield Boys HS we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities beyond timetabled classes.  We believe that the boys have a more rounded and successful education if they become involved with learning beyond the classroom.  These activities provide students with a rich extended curriculum, multiple opportunities for learning and enhanced social development.

Students are actively encouraged to take part in at least some of the following opportunities.  Unless indicated otherwise these activities operate weekly.

Student Representative Council

The SRC meets weekly and provides opportunities for leadership development.  The SRC is led by the School Captains and Prefects and is co-ordinated by Ms Marks.

Homework Centre

The Homework Centre operates in the Library on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 3:30pm – 4:30pm.  Students have the opportunity to receive assistance and tutoring by teachers.  Ex-students who have achieved outstanding HSC results and are at university also provide tutoring.  Besides the tutoring, this relationship provides an excellent role model of success for the boys. Mr Tenefrancia coordinates the Homework Centre. The Homework Centre and tuition is free of charge.

Band Program

Students have the opportunity to join either one or multiple bands.  The school has a variety of different bands to accommodate the widest range of interests and abilities.  Boys with no prior musical tuition or who wish to learn an additional instrument can join the Training Band.  The school offers a Concert Band, Stage Band, String Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble.  The Vocal group performs on the main stage at Schools Spectacular every year.

Music Tuition

Music tutors are available for selected instruments at different times through the week depending on demand.  Ms Small coordinates the music tuition program.

Drama Ensemble

This ensemble is open to talented actors for Year 8.  It operates after school weekly and provide the skills and support for budding actors to home their craft.

Volunteering Program

We actively encourage students to develop their leadership and social skills through volunteering.  Beyond personal benefits this promotes the value of service to others.  All volunteers are registered with the Premier’s Volunteering scheme and accrue this recognised credential which can be used as evidence on a resume when exiting school.  Students currently volunteer in a wide variety of charity events, assist the elderly with shopping and gardening through the Inner West Neighbourhood Aid scheme and work with Ashfield Council in bush regeneration.  Ms Marks coordinates the school’s volunteering program.


Students have the opportunity to choose TheatreSports as a recreational sport on Wednesday afternoons.  In addition there is dedicated TheatreSports training after school leading up to the Impro Australia Schools TheatreSports Competitions.  The school fields multiple teams in this competition and has hosted the event every year from 2015.  Ms Small and Ms Whitting coordinate TheatreSports.

Coding club

Students who wish to extend their ability to write code using tools such as Scratch and Python can do this at the coding club.  The Coding Club is run by Mr Cini.

Leadership Development Program

The school offers a comprehensive program to support and develop the leader in every student who is interested.  Students may undertake the internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh Leadership credential organised and sponsored by the school.  The Senior Prefect leadership group operates an aspiring leaders program for boys in Years 10 and 11 who are interested in developing their leadership capacity. Student voice is an important, integral and valued part of our school culture.  Student leaders are actively involved in school decision making processes that affect them and their peers.  Senior Leaders conduct regular “adult free” focus groups across Years 7-12 to ensure the authenticity and breadth of student voice in the school.  The SRC provides an ongoing conduit for leadership development from Year 7.  Students are actively involved in a wide range of specific leadership activities throughout the year that are developmentally appropriate to their age. 

Junior Creative Writing Program

The creative writing program runs after school for boys in years 7-10 who want to explore their creativity and improve their creative writing.  Boys choose their own form and ideas – whether this be poetry, short story, drama or even if they are writing their own novel. The program provides a relaxed and supportive space to gain feedback, work shop ideas and get the advice of an English teacher.

Writing Spaces

The Writing Space is operated by the English Department.  It runs before school and offers HSC students the opportunity to have  a supportive weekly writing group to improve their writing across all subjects.  The space provides boys with mutual support and feedback as well as extra tuition by teachers.

Photography Club

Students who wish to expand their ability to create wonderful digital photographs have the opportunity to join the Photography Club.  This club meets weekly after school and is run by Ms Jovicic.

Science Club

The Science Club meets regularly at lunchtime to explore real world aspects of science. This involves both hands on and virtual experiences.

Debating and Public Speaking

The school has an extensive and highly successful debating program which spans every year group.  Debating teams have the assistance of a professional debating coach as well as teacher support.  We field multiple teams in a range of debating and public speaking competitions.

The Business Lounge

This operates before school and provides a relaxed forum for students of Business Studies, Economics and Legal Studies to meet, exchange information and improve the breadth of their understanding about contemporary issues.


Chess is available every lunchtime in the library.  In addition to daily chess the school runs an annual chess tournament and students also have the opportunity to compete in external chess tournaments.  The chess program is coached by a Thorin Munro who is a parent volunteer and a chess champion.

SRC Competitions and Activities

The SRC runs a program of fun activities and competitions throughout the year.  These are run by the boys for the boys.  The 2022 schedule is being developed.  In the past the SRC has run very popular Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon tournaments.

Sustainability Group

The sustainability group meets weekly to examine ways of making our school greener and more sustainable.  In 2022 the group plans to work on the further greening of the playground, recycling and improving our sustainability. In 2019 the group oversaw the installation of 88kw solar panels to make the school carbon neutral.  Mr Burford runs the sustainability group.

Marine Club

This is operated by the Science department.  Boys are given marine animals such as shrimp, turtles, axolotl and hermit crabs and create their own ecosystem for their animals to thrive in.  The club studies the health, characteristics and habits of the animals with the aim of eventual breeding and expansion of each colony.

Lunch time sports program

A program of sport and training operates at recess and lunch throughout the year for interested students.  A variety of sports are on offer depending on the weather and the time of the year such as badminton, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, soccer and rugby.  This program is run by the PDHPE faculty.

Shakespeare Group

This is a new activity for 2020 and compliments the existing Shakespeare carnival. The Shakespeare group meets weekly to experience Shakespeare in performance.  The group develops their understanding of Elizabethan language, drama and performance.  Participants have the opportunity to compete in the Shakespeare Carnival or simply enjoy the Bard for the sheer joy of performance.

The Senior Study Centre

The SSC is a dedicated adult learning space for students in Years 11 and 12. It has digital and hard copy texts, examinations and a wide range of resources for HSC success.  The SSC is staffed full time with a teacher who is able to assist with study, research, planning or any other assistance that students require. The Centre is open during all break and study periods and operates longer hours by request closer to the HSC examinations.

The following extra-curricular activities operate at different times of the year.

Shakespeare Carnival – 

Theatresports Competitions             

Talented Writers Group

Senior Music Ensemble 

Community Engagement Projects – Ms Marks

Inner West Neighbour Aid Seniors Festival Luncheon

Inner West Neighbour Aid ‘Shopping with Seniors’ – Year 10 Fortnightly

Bush Care Regeneration Program with Inner West Council –Year 9 Fortnightly

Senior Cyber one to one Tutoring with Inner West Council – Year 9 & 10 

Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser for Cancer Research – 

Ashfield Council Daffodil Day  Yrs 9, 10, 11 & 12

Legacy Badge Day  Yrs 9, 10, 11 & 12