Ashfield Boys High School

Here we decide

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Principal's message

Principal's message

Welcome to the Ashfield Boys High School website.

Our central goal is a simple one - we inspire boys to nurture their talents and reach their full potential. We achieve this goal through knowing each and every boy as an individual, and provide him with rich learning experiences that foster his passions and abilities.

Although our school motto "Here we Decide" was created over 50 years ago, it is still relevant to our philosophy and school culture today. We emphasise the values of effort, perseverance, service, teamwork and personal excellence. We believe that success is a choice and that every young man can achieve excellence with determination and hard work. 

Boys enter our school as children in year 7, brimming with enthusiasm and potential. We work with each and every one as an individual so that they can grow into confident, successful young men, ready to make their positive contribution to the future. Our teachers are highly skilled and provide a stimulating environment that specifically caters to the learning needs of boys.

We are immensely proud of our school, the boys and their achievements. I encourage you to further explore our website to find out more about the many opportunities we offer.

Dwayne Hopwood