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The History faculty is united with other faculties in the school in the pursuit of excellence. We are passionate about the teaching of history and student learning. Students not only learn about the ancient and modern world and Australian history, but gain valuable inquiry and research skills which are lifelong. We believe our students not only come to appreciate history and develop a passion for the past, but they also become responsible citizens through studying civics and citizenship and social education throughout our history courses.

Students explore history at Ashfield Boys High School (ABHS) through a range of experiences. All history teachers use a range of technologies such as iPads, internet based learning initiatives, interactive white boards, audio and video resources as well as a scope of literary resources to engage, enhance and maximise learning and literacy levels for all students. This is supplemented with history days, excursions, History Teacher's Association (HTA) seminars, special themed projects, and whole school presentations and commemorations.

Our aims

  • To foster active learners who can operate collaboratively in groups and work independently.
  • To encourage students to have high expectations of their ability and strive for excellence.
  • For students to develop an appreciation of history and its value to our society.
  • To develop skills in source analysis and encourage critical thinking which is transferable and useful in everyday life.