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Ashfield Boys High School's Gifted and Talented (GAT) program is dedicated to the different learning styles and unique individual needs of GAT students. Students in this program are identified as having a particular gift or talent in an academic or creative area of achievement. Students and parents are invited to submit an application and supporting documentation to be assessed for competitive entry into the GAT class.

Entry requirements

Students initially apply for this program by submitting a formal application with applicable supporting documentation. Students will be invited for a formal interview based on their application. Applicants are assessed to determine the nature of their gift or talent and their suitability for extended learning. The school will also take into account results of standardised ability tests, school reports, competitions and other forms of documentary evidence.

Entry to the GAT program and class at Ashfield Boys High School is not determined by a single test. The school uses a variety of measures to assess entry to the program. It is our belief that simple GAT identification tests miss many indicators of future success such as creativity, resilience, tenacity and critical thinking.


Entry into the GAT class is through application and assessment. Applications for the 2024 GAT class are due by the end of term 1 (6th April). Parents should complete an application for enrolment through their son's primary school as well as the GAT application form. Parents wishing to enrol their son in the GAT program in Years 8-12 should contact the school directly.

The GAT application form and supporting evidence can be submitted in the following ways:

  • In person to the school's administration office.
  • By email

All applications will be assessed and interviews arranged in early term 2 each year. Parents will be advised in writing of GAT placement in May each year.

Application in Chinese

The application form and flyer are also available in Chinese, download and view:

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